Entry 2: Star Wars Movies From Best to Worse

Hello, there,

I’m a Star Wars fan, so this evening I feel like listing the movies in order from best to worse.

1. A New Hope (It did a good job laying the groundwork for the series. It’s also the most entertaining in the series and everything falls into place just right.)

2. Revenge of the Sith (It’s the darkest movie of the series and satisfactorily showed how the Empire and Darth Vader came to be. It also had my favorite Star Wars villain, General Grievous and worked perfectly as both the direct predecessor to A New Hope and the conclusion to the Star Wars series.)

3. The Empire Strikes Back (One of the few sequels to match up well with the original, Empire Strikes Back very effectively expanded and further developed the returning characters and added some great new ones to the mix.)

4. Return of the Jedi (A successful ending to the original trilogy. It’s also introduced the Ewoks, who have been unfairly maligned ever since.)

5. The Phantom Menace (Phantom Menace suffers from unfair dislike. Now, I am young enough to have been a kid when all the marketing was going, so I may have a degree of nostalgia for it, but I think the reason it garnered hate was primarily because there was so much hype. I suspect that this hype created so much anticipation, I doubt even the original movies could have met it. On the other hand, I’m not bothered in the slightest by Jar Jar Binks or the medi-chlorians, so your mileage may vary.)

6. Attack of the Clones (It has the worst written script, to be sure, but the Clone Wars origins elements are good and the Jedi battle at the arena is one of the best fight sequences made for the series.)

– “Spidey”


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